Be a Luna Lovegood

This blog has been penned down by my niece and it gives great food for thought.

Starry Thoughts

Gulping Gargoyles! I can’t believe I finally did this! I finally started a blog! But, truthfully, I have zero intentions of following a certain direction regarding what I’ll be posting. It isn’t going to be specific like fashion or food or anything of that sort.

I’m just someone who happens to think too much about too many things, and writing it down helps me, so that’s what I’m going to do. Except, this time, it won’t only be me who’ll be reading it.

Also, there’ll probably be tons of HP and Bollywood references in my writing that I unintentionally put down, so do enjoy them haha!

Merlin’s beard! I just realized I’m straying from the actual topic of this introductory post. Well, recently, I started rereading one of my favorite book series; Harry Potter, and I’ve fallen in love with it all over again!
I was just scrolling through…

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