half-baked truth

a half truth is a whole lie.



melt down

once upon a time, you had it all beautifully sorted out. then you didn’t.



unspoken words

we try to hide our feelings, but we forget that our eyes speak




like an amoeba

all frustrations are self-induced. the outside world can invite us to become upset, but we ultimately accept the invitation.


frustration doesn’t have any shape or form. it is like an amoeba. extending and retracting, spreading and growing, first inside then outside, devouring and consuming everything in sight. till we understand it, see it and then contain it.

this is my story, my katha. what is yours?



let it in

simply allow things to come and go

let it inopen your eyes
, open your heart, open your mind and allow the wonder that is.

this is my story, my katha. what is yours?

look straight in the eyes

take the bull by the horns

straight ahead

i am amazed by the strength a human possesses. it is fascinating to see how far we can stretch the problem.

and then bam!

the problem hits you right on the face till we decide to take it by the horns, look straight into its eyes and bring it down on the ground. i am going to do just that.

this is my story, my katha. what is yours?


observe and absorb

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.