a creative block has attached itself to my body

Since the beginning of November, I feel my body has attached itself to a block. It is perched on my shoulders and travels with me whenever I go. However hard I try to shake it off, it refuses to change its shape or even leave me.

My head has been replaced by a huge creative block accompanied with immense fatigue and exhaustion. Even writing this blog is a difficult task for me (I made a commitment to myself to publish a blog every month and I intent to stick by it).

What brought this on? Mid October I had an idea for next year’s series, and I decided to act upon it without realizing that I have not yet healed completely from this year’s 2 series – Integrating, disintegrating only to integrate again. Repeat. And The third space. Though both these series have helped me understand my relationships with others and myself including, I feel extremely vulnerable. I needed the time to ‘Just Be with Myself’. But I did not listen to my heart and body, I lunged on painting. Bad idea.

Then came a time when, even if I wanted to do something meaningful, my body and mind refused to act in response to that. It refused to budge. So, keeping everything aside I grabbed a book – a gentle book and read on like I was obsessed. I finished 2 books in a span of 3 weeks (yes, there was guilt that I am not focusing on my art, but I did not let that overpower me). This healing period was necessary.

I have always said to myself, learn to relax. This time I experienced the importance of that phrase.

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