just felt like writing something today

It has been 3 years now since I last updated this blog.

Much has happened in 3 years like in everyone’s life. For me it has been a test of how-well-will-I-be-able-to-adapt-to-change. I choose 3 jars to represent that transformation (these are pastel and charcoal sketches).

Shifting from 3 different countries, adjusting to their diverse cultures and societies, trying to be part of communities, failing and succeeding, integrating and disintegrating, this has been an eternal battle for me. But a transformation, both inner and outer, was visible to me.

Involved in some deep introspection, through my art, meditation, journal writing, dream analysis and daydreaming, I am emptying the jar slowly but surely.

Go and peek at my portfolio section to see what I mean.

Thank you for reading this. 🙂

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